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The CRITICAL Board of County Commissioners Zoning

Dear Windover Neighbors,

The CRITICAL Board of County Commissioners Zoning meeting is happening Thursday Aug 4th at 5:00pm at the County Commission Chambers in Viera.  

Issue Update:  
I have hired an attorney and will be bringing in a top notch Acoustical Engineer to be an expert witness and explain why the Counties noise ordinance as written doesn’t allow accurate measurement of noise levels from Knights Enterpises or anthing else other than steady state noise like an air conditioner or power plant.   This was necessary after the citizens advisory P&Z hearing where the county attorney told the board that they couldn’t consider or make recommendations regarding the gun range, because it wasn’t covered by the rezoning request.  This was flat out not true, and now after the P& Z hearing he has changed his story.  But this creates a legal error and we needed to be sure to preserve the record in case the County Commission doesn’t consider the noise related impacts on our community.  

If you have ever been annoyed by the gunfire you need to attend this meeting and speak up – THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE
The fact is that whether or not we get true consideration by the Board of County Commissioners will depend on how many people they see at the hearing.  We will be taking our petition and have the same group going to speak, and we have done every thing we can as far as having expert representation (former County Attorney, and UF Acoustical Engineer professor and expert on gun fire), but the thing that will make the biggest difference is if some more people show up to let the commissioners know the historic unauthorized levels of gun fire are excessive and impacting our quality of life, and the rezoning should not be allowed until sufficient noise abatement measures are put in place to protect the surrounding residential communities.  At P&Z Knights had employees, their spouses, and vendors testify that they have no problem with the noise.  We need some more homeowners to come forward.

If we don’t get some conditions to abate the nosie attached to this rezoning AND get the County to make needed modification to its noise ordinance  then Knights will be fully authorized to operate whatever gun ranges they want on their property, from 7 am to 10pm Mon – Sat.  with no concern for violating the County’s noise ordinance, because as written they NEVER will.  

We did meet with Mr. Knight after P&Z hoping again that he would be willing to work together to resolve the noise issue.  At this meeting, Mr. Knight wasn’t even willing to concede that there was a noise problem, he said he listens to the noise at work at it doesn’t bother him.   Clearly he is not interested i working cooperatively or even admitting that we have a legitimated problem.  

The County has a responsibility to protect us from this sort of incompatible use.  That is the purpose of zoning.  If the County cannot attach reasonalbe standards for operation that protect us from the noise generating activities of their business, then they should not approve the rezoning and just say NO.  


Sandra Clinger
2680 Bobcat Trail
Titusville, FL 32780

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